the flint campaign


ideas & deliverables

The Flint Campaign is a collaborative project for Spark NZ, in which I worked within multiple areas. The brief was to create a new campaign to introduce Spark’s new payphone systems which they are planning to roll out. My main roles involved creating and devloping the campaign strategy, and also working on the print design artefacts.

Our campaign strategy was carefully crafted to attract attention to a new innovation in street furniture for Auckland. With the current payphones serving no purpose on our streets, our core aim was to attract attention to a development the public didn’t actually care about. I decided to create a playful, relatable campaign strategy to help increase attention from the public. 

Based on the relatable idea of love and relationships, the strategy was broken up into three different phases: the breakup, the pickup and the new relationship. The breakup featured a series of artefacts where personified payphones were breaking up with the public, the pickup featured a tinder-esqe style dating app where the public could swipe to meet the Flint, the new payphone kiosk, and the new relationship, was the full launch and roll out of the new kiosks and relationship.

The main deliverables for this project were a brand and campaign strategy and the user interface for the Flint kiosk, with other supporting artefacts.The other designers I worked alongside with on this project are Robert Gray, Haydn Lewis and Ryan Ganley.